What to Expect During the Initial Exterminator Visit

Have you noticed some cockroaches skittering in the kitchen or rodents skipping in the garage at night? It could indicate a pest problem. If this is the case, you need to do something immediately – contact Calgary Pest Control.

If you are new to pest control, it is crucial that you know what to expect during the initial visit. This way, you can prepare and work together keeping your home pest-free and happy in the future. Here’s what to expect during the initial exterminator visit:

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The exterminator should arrive on time as per the appointment. It is also crucial that they come dressed in uniform. Typically, they should introduce themselves to you upon reaching your house. These will indicate professionalism.

You have to feel comfortable with their presence because they need to move inside and outside the house. With this, it is crucial that you ask relevant questions at the onset so you can get a sense of how they are when you talk.


The next thing to expect is the entry point inspection. The entry point inspection is crucial because it can determine how pests get inside. The exterminator will check around the pipes, doors, windows, attics, garages and other crawlspaces.

These are areas where the insects, rodents and other pests enter your home. An inspection of these areas will take time, as exterminators need to look for holes, cracks and other hidden areas. You have to be patient and bear with them.


You should also expect a yard examination. Bear in mind that your yard is generally the domain of pests and it is hard to protect an area exposed to nature. However, exterminators still need to examine it to identify areas of concern, especially for future pest issues.

Moistness check

The exterminator will not discount moistness. You have to understand that a moist area is more likely to attract and shelter pests. Expect that the terminator will check the moisture inside and around your home. The exterminator will bring tools like moisture meter and flashlight to find areas that may pose a problem.

Review and report

Expect that the exterminators will ask for a few minutes to put together their findings. After this, you will receive an official report. This is the time that they will create a plan for treatments. As a homeowner, you should allow the exterminator to work alone.


The last part is the discussion. After putting all the data together, the exterminator will sit down and discuss the findings. This is crucial in the process because they will inform you exactly what is going on in your property.

At this stage, expect that the exterminator will share the steps needed to remedy the current problems and prevent future ones. As a homeowner, you should take this opportunity to ask any questions about the services.

Final words

Keeping your home free from pest is important to prevent serious damage to your property. Aside from that, pest control can also safeguard the health and wellbeing of the people around. Now that you know what to expect, you will exactly understand what to do during the initial visit so you can prepare yourself and the family.

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