Vacuum Hack: How to Find the Right One for Your Stairs

When it comes to vacuuming your house, there is one area that proves to be the most challenging – stairs. This is because the stairs involve corners or areas like balusters, skirt boards, nosing, tread and risers where dust, hair and other debris can easily get stuck.

Aside from getting into the nook and cranny of your stairs, there is also the issue of climbing, which can quickly become exhausting and dragging. While you can consider an upright vacuum for cleaning the stairs, it can be inefficient and bulky. It is time that you look for a better way to vacuum the stairs.

Here’s how you can find the right one for your stairs:

Determine the weight

Vacuuming should not be a vigorous household chore but a bulky one can seem like you are in a weightlifting event. The best is lightweight. Dragging the vacuum up and down the stairs should feel natural.

At the end of the day, the ideal weight comes down to your personal preferences or comfort level. Typically, a vacuum cleaner less than ten pounds is a safe bet. While you are at it, you should also consider the measurements. Always opt for a compact cleaner than a big one because it is easier to carry.

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Check its mobility

You may have the lightest vacuum cleaner but what if it forces you to contort your body while struggling to keep your grip? This is counter-effective. When you choose a stairs vacuum, check the handle. It should fit comfortably in your hand. It is better if you consider a rubber or textured surface so you can hang on to it easily.

Look for more features

There are some stairs vacuum cleaners that are equipped with a telescopic wand that allows you to clean more steps without really moving. This feature can ultimately prevent post-vacuuming joint and backaches.

Aside from telescopic wand, you should look for other features that can help you save time. For instance, you should consider stairs vacuum cleaners with a flexible hose allowing you to reach further. You should also opt for a vacuum that can bend so you can suction the debris thoroughly.

While you are at it, check the cup. Remember that the bigger the cup, the fewer number of times you will need to discard it. You should also think about a battery-operated vacuum cleaner that will offer adequate run time between charges. This will help you clean the staircase in one swoop.

Assess the suction system

The suction system is a critical part that ensures the effectiveness of a vacuum cleaner. If you have pets around or children who track crumbs and dirt, you need a vacuum with strong suction. The suction will determine how many passes it takes to lift the debris and the fur.

Typically, you need something that will suck up everything from dirt and hair in one pass. To increase the vacuum’s ability, there are some manufacturers that add brush roll. This can lift dirt and debris in one sweep.

Examine its usability

It is better to have a vacuum that allows you to attach more than one tool. This is useful for whatever surface you need to clean. For this, you need to ensure that the attachment connects and detaches from the vacuum easily.

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