Why drinking beer affects our oral health

Most commonly, drinking alcohol will leads to oral health problems as well as other diseases such as cancers, trauma, liver cirrhosis and cardiovascular diseases. The major risk of oral cancer is six times larger than in those who consume alcohol, when compared to the non-drinkers. In fact, drinking beer affects oral health majorly, because the alcohol is a main cause of liver cancer as well as become a risk factor for colorectal cancer and breast cancer. When you drink alcohol, it is absorbed from the stomach, then passes into blood stream and also affects the central nervous system.

Usually, the standard drink consists of about 10 grams of pure alcohol. So, there are some proper recommendations available for taking alcohol that everyone should be known, before consuming it. People who have drinking alcohol, they tend to have on their teeth and also likely to experience the permanent tooth loss. Even the moderate drinkers are facing a risk of mouth disease and serious tooth problems. If you are mixing liquor with red wine or dark sodas, you just say goodbye to the white smile; because it turns to discolour the teeth, so you have to rinse your mouth thoroughly with fresh water between drinks.

What does the alcohol fix to your teeth?

Normally, the tooth damage related to alcohol is improved, if you use the ice in your drinks. It can break your teeth, so you just add citrus to your beverages. According to the study, the red wine removes the presence of bacteria on teeth that commonly known as streptococci, which is connected with tooth decay. For this reason, you do not begin drinking red wine too.

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Can beer affect your health?

Now, the beer is an all-time favourite drink for several adults. Of course, this alcohol drink is bad for your oral health, so now many people frequently ask the questions does drinking beer affects oral health. Definitely, there are so many side effects associated with drinking beer. One of the obvious damages that can spoil their teeth with beer is trying to open a bottle cap with their teeth. It is ultimately a bad practice for your tooth health.

When you open the beer bottle with your teeth, it could slowly dislodge the teeth from gum diseases that can maximize the chances of gum diseases such as periodontal and Gingivitis disease. Through your mouth, the viruses and bacteria can easily enter the bloodstream and then begins to ruin your teeth.


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