How it is popular

The cheat codes were put together by enthusiastic players and fans of the game. They felt this would help the players to get by faster and they went about on the code to get flaming bullets and attack o a helicopter, get an extra parachute for the inventory. Some of them are so well made they could used across so many platforms. This just shows the love for the game, that people have actually put effort for a game and how they can show their creativity. Though it has to be noted that it is not possible to make a money cheat, so if you are ever thing of it that you will find such a code, it would be a waste of time and energy in doing so as there is no code to spawn money and get it into your account. But you just end up being a billionaire by playing the game, in the game of course. You can actually run faster, jump higher or swim faster, make melee attacks and even have go at slow motion. Get a gta 5 download.

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How to play it like a pro

There are a lot of fans of the game world over and growing, even though it has been around for five years already and newerversions made it sleeker and now you can catch up with it online too. the game is interesting and exciting with a number of missions to tackle and comply with. the number of locations and vehicles to manoeuvre. The game is addictive as you get to make lots of money on the  way, this special gta money can be used to buy all the fancy stuff right from clothes, to  cars , mansions can save all the money that you make through various means in the ATM far from the prying eyes of the rivals.

The payment is either made through executions of enemies, knocking down armored cars, and other ways too mentioned in the game. There is also a reputation you will have to build up throughout the game, this will allow for all the upgrades that you would require for the weapons that you use to the vehicle that you drive; you have now options to choose the variety that you want. In the game, you have the choice to make as to how you want to about the whole thing such to run, swim, or use the vehicle during the chase or confrontation with the enemies. You can now click for source.

The only thing that you don’t want to be caught with is the government authorities, and they will tail you more when the wanted reputation gets more activated during play. Many players try to pick theright car during the process of getting one at the start of the game. You can work on the skills of choosing the right vehicle for also hiding when a shooting happens as it can help as a barrier too. You would want a fast getaway car too, so making theright choice is the key. The decision also depends on how much cash you have on you as a player.

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