5 Simple Ways To Amp Up Your Family Movie Night

Are you tired of the ‘same old, same old’ when it comes to your family movie night? Are you dying to try something new and exciting? When you talk about family movie night, it’s supposed to be fun. But when you and your family end up doing the same things again and again, it will start to get a bit stale. So if you want to bring back the magic and get your children and the entire family into the night, you need new and creative ideas. So here are some tips that can help:

123 moviesTake Turns in Choosing A Movie

This gives a different sense of providing especially in younger children. It makes them feel like they have control when it comes to some family decisions. If you stream movies online, like the ones at 123movies go, it will give your kids lots of options to choose from.

Bring Out All The Goodies

Instead of gathering up in the living room and watch the movie together, why not let them snuggle up under your blankets in the masters’ bedroom and enjoy the chance to bond together. Some of your kids might already be in their teens, but they would surely love a snuggle from time to time. You also add more togetherness when you prepare your snacks together.

Invite Others

Why not turn this night into a movie party? If you just want to stick with family, you can invite grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles to join in. If you are okay with your kids inviting some friends and neighbors, then it would be a great idea too. Everyone would want to kick back and enjoy a good movie with your entire family.

You can do this by sending movie-themed invitations. Together with that, include a voting card with a couple of movie options for them to choose from. During your movie night, you can set up a snack bar and fill it up with popcorns and sodas. You can also ask the younger ones to bring their pillows and blankets so they can all get cozy while watching the movie on the floor.

Make Your Living Room Into A Theater

Now everyone wants to experience movie time in the theater but sometimes, taking everyone at a  movie house all at once can be a challenge. So why not turn your living room to have a ‘theater atmosphere’ for one of your movie night schedules? You can produce pretend tickets and money, then have your kids ‘buy’ the movie tickets. Again, you can set up a snack bar and display some snacks for your kids to choose from.

Scavenger Hunt Is Fun!

Kids love a good adventure. So why not choose a movie that your family would love to watch a couple of days before your movie night? You can then create a scavenger hunt and base it on the movie you chose. Make a characters list and also the things that your kids would see in the movie. The one who is able to find the most items will be able to pick the movie for your next movie night.


Movie nights are the best times for you and your kids to bond and spend quality time together. If you notice your kids losing interest on your movie nights, then it is time to amp it up a bit. Bring back the magic and turn a boring night into a fun and exciting evening.

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